Frustrator - "Anther" now available.

Posted by Dan Barrett on


We're more than honored to be able to feature Frustrator's ELHR debut, "Anther," on gorgeous black vinyl.


"'Anther,' Frustrator's ENEMIES LIST debut, is a glitchy, poppy, confusing, enigmatic, touching, beautiful record - much like the rest of Tei Blow's output.

Blow - who makes his living providing sound design for theater and dance troupes like the Baryshnikov Arts Center - is the consummate craftsman. He builds sounds and textures with such a deft, light touch that it can be easy to lose track of just how sophisticated his work is. The sounds and synths on this record whirr and hiss and buzz at just the right - what, volume? Frequency? Always just enough, always just so. You're given the sense that you're listening to something quite fragile, but quite beautiful, quite cared-for."


You can find the vinyl over here, or pick up a pay-what-you-want digital copy over at the Frustrator bandcamp.