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"A record that emotionally equals, yet is physically opposite to any of the label's previous releases...M. Kestigian has crafted something truly contagious and engaging." - Radio In Opposition 

Epic. Epic. Epic. 

America Addio's sopohmore release, "Cotton Kingdom," is the most effusive and addictive thing we've ever released. Holy shit - is it even...upbeat? It is. I don't care. This record makes me want to punch people in the face. The volume has only one setting for this record, and that is loud. It's the kind of record you desperately headbang in your bedroom to: 50 minutes of non-stop head-nodding, fist-pumping anthems. 

It's extremely difficult to sum up what makes M. Kestigian's music so wildly energetic - layers and layers of synth keyboards, horn sections, warbled auto-tuned vocals, epic melodic lines that spill over one another. There is not a single song on this record that couldn't be the soundtrack to a montage of you deciding to turn your life around, and adding 50 pounds of muscle by doing pushups on the top of a mountain.

Kestigian's taken everything that worked from his debut, "Plat of Zion," and improved on the formula. The arrangements are much more intricate, the recording quality is noticeably improved, the vocals are more polished and confident. Kestigian's trademark lyrical style - hyper-intellectual, devoted to exploring ideas like agriculture, westward expansion, colonial exploitation in poetic, even moving ways - is here in force. When Kestigian yells, during the chorus of "Boss of the Plains" - 

"Cause if its hard on you 
then its hard on me
And we're all spread thin little dorothy.
We're all dancing in a gilded dream
And cash rules everything around me"
- you very quickly find yourself yelling along. He's turned a song about the dust bowl into something that literally cannot be played in my vicinity without causing me to throw myself around in something that looks like an epileptic seizure. 

Synth-pop. Guitar rock. Even pop-punk? I don't know. All I know about this record is that it's dancey, it's smart, and it's fun as fuck. Who cares about anything else?

All profits from this album will be donated to Heifer International, an organization that works to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth. Learn more here.

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