HAVE A NICE LIFE - "Deathconsciousness" Vinyl

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"'Deathconsciousness' is probably a perfect record." - Last Train To Cool
"...comes as a wonderful surprise for me in 2008." - Built On A Weak Spot
"The most beautiful album of 2008 has already arrived." - sputnik music
"Sets a rather high bar for what new or little known bands are capable of producing on their own" - scenepointblank
"Words fail to describe the beauty of this album." - people united for peace
"delivers an emotional wallop that seems unparalleled. 5 stars." - the rock blogger
"A record of truly epic proportions...a new standard-bearer for what can be accomplished with two people." - 24 Hour Party Pooper 

Over 5 years in the making, "Deathconsciousness" is the debut double album by the band HAVE A NICE LIFE. Dense and impenetrable, it's unique mix of shoegaze, new wave, industrial and noise has drawn comparisons to the likes of JOY DIVISION, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and SUNN0)). It comes with a 75-page booklet, written by a Massachusetts history professor, examining the deep religious symbology the record is built upon, and presents, for the first time, an exploration of the dark and mysterious cult of the Antiocheans. 


The Flenser’s reissue of Deathconsciousness will be accompanied by a 75-page booklet detailing the dark and forgotten history of the Antiochean cult. Blurring the lines between novella, liner notes, and academic text, the zine itself presents an engrossing narrative. The album is rhythmic, primal and expansive and is a gloomy-post-punk masterpiece; a mediation on death, loss and unrequited love. Deathconsciousness feels more fresh and engaging with every listen and has held up as a remarkable piece of art. Fans of Have A Nice Life exhibit both cultic thought and action for good reason. It is perhaps a fanbase as dark and mysterious as the Antiochean’s, the album itself revolves around. Now The Flenser is honored to rerelease Deathconsciousness a gorgeous and disarming contribution to the modern lexicon for a larger audience.

This is a a heavy black double Vinyl Record of HAVE A NICE LIFE's "Deathconsciousness". Included are both records ("The Plow That Broke The Plains" and "The Future"), the complete 75-page booklet "On An Obscure Text" in original stapled format, and cool re-formatted art. It's just cool, OK? We like it.