Have A Nice Life - The Unnatural World CD

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“Sinuous instead of rigid, bloody instead of embalmed, the album refuses to be frozen in time or place. Instead it moves, and moves others with it.” – Pitchfork

“…massive in its scope, with production that reflects the heft of the material more than ever.” – NPR

“For such dark music, The Unnatural World is addictively melodic. “ – Brooklyn Vegan

“…an undeniable masterpiece.” – ACRN

“hums with the overblown quiver of industrial percussion, the gasps of desperate reverb, and distant, elongated, harmonized vocals.” – Alarm Magazine

“Have a Nice Life have perfected a sort of industrial shoegaze. Plus drone, plus doom, plus cold-wave, plus post-punk, wintry yet intimate. The soundtrack to a slow sink into the ground.” –Decoy

“It’s literally flawless.” – Anti-Gravity Bunny

“‘The Unnatural World’ by Have a Nice Life is quite possibly the most overwhelming album to have come out this year. In fact getting around to actually put my thoughts down has been a difficult task to accomplish..” – Last on Our List

5 years after Deathconsciousness, Dan and Tim return with The Unnatural World, a tightly-wired exploration of the post-punk, industrial, and doom-fusion sound that they helped to popularize. Listen to it loud.