Legrand Society Subscription


Legrand Society Subscription

What's this about?

2013 was sort of a rough year for us. Though the label was doing well in terms of popularity, we had the most trouble we've ever had dealing with it.

This is really because of how we set up the label to begin with. Small runs - the freedom to put out whatever we want, no matter how un-commercial, because we would never need to sell that much of anything - are at the core of our business model. No one at ELHR gets paid, and all of the money goes back into more releases. That's always been the deal.

But as orders pick up, we struggled to  meet demand. Turnaround on orders got long, and we knew something needed to change.

This group - The Legrand Society - is an attempt to change the model.

For 1 or 2$ a month, you get free, cool stuff - B-sides, rough demos, new tracks, podcasts, interviews, news etc. You get early access to all pre-orders. You get monthly newsletters about the label, our creative process, and what we're up to. You get free records from artists we like. Basically, you get cool stuff.

In turn, we take that money and we pay our friends to help us with the label. Every single cent goes into making the label sustainable.

You can cancel at any time. You're not locked into anything. And we're not trying to get rich.

We're trying to find a way we can keep making the music we love, and promoting the artists we respect, without going crazy or bankrupt.

We want to create a world where music gets supported by the people that love it.

If you're down, subscribe. We would love to have you.


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