Nahvalr - "Nahvalr" (Digital)

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"[Nahvalr] have managed to guide a plethora of ideas from a multitude of places into a neat, tidy pile of epically harsh sounds. And that's nothing to wave your battle axe at." - The Needle-Drop 

"Should be in any black metal fan’s library." - Mouth For War

"Nothing less than a landmark in originality...a masterpiece of devastatingly bleak reflection." - The Rock Blogger 

"Nahvalr is a ghost, always elusive and diaphanous, but always entrancing and interesting." - scenepointblank 

" exacly the way Black Metal is suppose to sound like"Decayed-Metal Zine

NAHVALR is the world's first open-sourced black metal project. Spear-headed by Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga (of HAVE A NICE LIFE), NAHVALR aims to create the densest, most visceral sounds possible by combining the input of a dozen collaborators, all working individually, in a coherent and intuitive way. In other words: several people, operating anonymously around the globe, have their work hacked, chopped, distorted, fused and recorded over to create something altogether new. 

The result is sometimes chaotic, sometimes blissful, but always striking. It verges on territory explored by bands like XASTHUR and VELVET CACOON before striking off in more melodic directions, incorporating influences as diverse as BURZUM and BRIAN ENO's"Ambient 1: Music For Airports". The resulting hour of hyper-distorted evil is uniquely the product of the internet age, and a time when physical separation can't stop people from making scary sounds together in rooms around the world. 

This digital version of NAHVALR's self-titled includes two special bonus tracks:

"All Is Error" - Released only on a single cassette, buried in the woods, and hinted at in the original ENEMIES LIST scavenger hunt. All digital copies and masters were then destroyed, making the buried copy the only proof the song ever existed. This version was graciously put online by the winner of the scavenger hunt in 2010.
"The Clearing" - a mysterious and uncredited recording put online as part of the slowly-unravelling Nahvalr Project.

This is a digital file. It's in mp3 format - an exact copy of the files used to press the original CDs.