The Flowers of St. Francis, Vol. 3 cassette

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ELHR is excited to report that a small box of these tapes remains after subscribers to the project received theirs in the mail. As always, there will be no re-stock once all copies are gone.
This cassette comes third in a five-part series of exploratory four-track recordings by Tim Macuga, started in 2010. With limited synthesizer equipment and acoustic instrumentation, The Flowers of St. Francis wanders through remote reaches of rational composition and outre sounds of the subconscious, as well as the active feelings of worry and trespass brought on as a child when renting an instruction-less copy of Metroid at the video store. This is manic dream work done in a grimy, forgotten space laboratory, clinically thorough, unhinged by its own echoes.
Illustration by the great Cara Lai Fitzgibbon and an elusive appearance deep in the mix by M. Kestigian of America Addio, it seems? Run of 100 copies total.